SonicJS is a Modern Open Source NodeJs Based Content Management System

Server & Front End Technologies: NodeJs, Express, Bootsrap 4

Databases Supported: MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, Cloudant, DashDB, DB2, Informix, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLite3, Flat File (Json), In-Memory

SonicJs is an enterprise NodeJs CMS and enterprise NodeJS web application framework.

Dynamic Content
Manage all site content from the admin or in-line editor
Page Builder
Manage content position and layout with drag and drop UI
Form Builder
All data entry forms are automagically generated
Content Types
Manage custom content types with the Form Builder UI
Field Types
Extend the 20+ form field types to customize content types
User/Role/ACL management with token based authentication
100% control of your site’s theme via the online editor or using your IDE
Extend core CMS functionality and other modules for true extensibility
100% REST based API can be used for Angular/React/Vue/Mobile/IoT

Goals And Motivation

Open source and free forever.

In short, the goal of this project is to create a NodeJs based CMS with the flexibility of Drupal and the front end editing capabilities of some of WordPress’ top page builder plugins. The audience for this CMS project in order of precedence are:

  • Web Developers
  • Web Designers
  • Site Builders (Non-technical)

Ultimately this project will allow developers to build complex web applications, not just websites with the goal of cutting down development time by providing basic core functionality similar on most web application projects.

Modules can be built (using NodeJs) or added from the community repository. This allows the system to be extended not only in meeting custom requirements but also the alteration of core functionality (Similar to Drupal).

I started this project because I wanted to build a web application platform/CMS that could save time for custom application/website development. I wanted something truly modular and flexible, yet with a relatively low learning curve. I have tried every other NodeJS based CMS and they all fall short in one or more aspects.

Sponsered by Surge:

This project is generously supported by Surge. Surge provides developers on-demand.