SonicJS is a Modern Open Source
NodeJs Based Content Management System


Server & Front End Technologies:

  • NodeJs
  • Express
  • Angular 6
  • Bootsrap 4

Databases Supported:

  • Cloudant
  • DashDB
  • DB2
  • Informix
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • SQL Server
  • SQLite3

SonicJs Screenshots

SonicJs is an enterprise level CMS
and enterprise web application framework.

SocisJs is a modern NodeJs based content management system allowing developers and designers to quickly build full featured websites and web applications.

It is highly flexible and powerful, yet has a strong focus of ease on use for content editors.

SonicJs is 100% REST API driven and can be used as a headless CMS for mobile and embedded apps.

Content Types are managed from the admin interface. Data entry forms are then automagically generated, allowing the admin or editors to manage content. These forms can also be exposed to website visitors, ie for contact forms or custom searches.

SonicJs is easy to get started with. Extensibility is one of the key concepts in which SonicJs was built upon. Build your own NodeJs and/or Angular modules using SonicJs’ hook system.

Community modules (forum, media gallery, blogging, etc) can be added to your project to enhance functionality beyond the core features.

Angular, Vue, React and any other javascript frameworks or libraries can be used to extend SonicJs’ features as needed.


Completed Features:

  • Dynamic Content
  • Create custom content types (ie: Pages, Menus, Blog Posts, Books, Movies, etc)
  • Create custom field types to be used as the building blocks for content types (ie: Textbox, Select List, Tags, Layout, etc)
  • Form Generation (based on content type or class)
  • Bootstrap 4 based admin theme
  • Security (User managements, roles, login, registration, etc)
  • Themes, ability to switch front end theme
  • Theme Library, collection of pre-built front end theme
  • Modules, extend capabilities AND extend/override core functionality

Goals And Motivation

Open source and free forever.

In short, the goal of this project is to create a NodeJs based CMS with the flexibility of Drupal and the front end editing capabilities of some of WordPress’ top page builder plugins.

The audience for this CMS project in order of precedence are:

1. Web Developers
1. Web Designers
1. Site Builders (Non-technical)

Ultimately this project will allow developers to build complex web applications, not just websites with the goal of cutting down development time by providing basic core functionality similar on most web application projects.

Modules can be built (using NodeJs) or added from the community repository. This allows the system to be extended not only in meeting custom requirements but also the alteration of core functionality (Similar to Drupal).

I started this project because I have established a recent affinity to NodeJs although I’m primarily a Asp.Net/C#/SQL Server developer by day. There wasn’t an existing NodeJs CMS project with lofty enough goals to perhaps someday become a highly trusted web application platform/CMS.