DotNetNuke Drawbacks, 4 Reasons to Run Away!

There is certainly a plethora of garbage blog posts regarding the drawbacks and issues with DotNetNuke. While some moronic SEO is happy counting there website visits, I’m here to give you an objective list of issues you should know about if you are considering using DotNetNuke for you website or as a platform for your next web application project. I’ve … Read More

4 Drawbacks of Drupal you should know before choosing your CMS.

First off, if you google “Drawbacks of Drupal” or “Drupal Review” etc in an effort to get an objective perspective, be warned that most of the results are junk, written by some SEO that has likely never even used Drupal. I just went thru the top 10 or so results and I’m sorry to see so much bad information out … Read More